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  1. Hostellers are not allowed to leave the hostel premises without prior information to the hostel warden and the concerned class coordinator.
  2. During outing/ Leave time, all the hostellers should reach the hostel and report within:
  3. During summer time- 4:00 PM, During winter time- 3:00 PM.
  1. Any hosteller who wants to go home during vacation shall seek permission from the class co-ordinator & hostel warden. They should mention the time & date of their return and leave number of their parents/guardians.
  2. After any vacation, the hostellers are to reach the hostel within set/given date. If they are late by 1-2 days, the guardian should come and meet the authority before leaving their wards.
  3. All the hostellers should keep their rooms and bathrooms clean. They should dispose their sanitary pads properly.
  4. The study hours are from 7:00PM – 8:00PM and 9:00 PM – 11:00PM, Except Saturday. All the room light should turn off by 11:15 PM.
  5. 4:00PM- 7:00 PM will be Recreation Time, Except duty Students
  6. Hostellers should keep their valuables under lock and key. The authority is not responsible for lost/missing of any of the valuables.
  7. Ragging is prohibited in the Hostel & College premises.
  8. Any due complaints about the hostel should be noted in the compliant register.

The Students will be giving Outing time twice in a Month only or Time to Time demand.