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General Rules


  • Annual Leave 30 days. Study Leaves 2 weeks
  • All the institutional holidays will be observed by the College.
  • In case of illness, students may avail 10 days sick leave per year. Sick Leave shall be prescribed by the Doctor of M.G.M. Medical College & Hospital, Kishanganj.
  • Vacation is planned according to the programme of study in each year.


Rules and Regulations:-

  1. The Students will have to abide by the rules & regulations of the hostel & institute, Subject to revision from time to time.
  2. They shall observe all the rules and discipline of the College, Hostel and Hospital.
  3. They shall undergo practical training in M.G.M. Medical College & L.S.K. Hospital, Kishanganj
  4. They shall do nothing inside & outside the College & Hospital that will interfere with its orderly administration and discipline.
  5. They shall be expected to take proper care of the College & Hospital property and to help in keeping the premises neat and tidy. For damaging of disfiguring walls, doors, furniture etc the students will be liable for punishment as breach of discipline.
  6. They shall not leave behind their books or any valuable belongings in the classroom or laboratory after class/study.
  7. In case of serious breach of discipline or misconduct, the student shall be liable for suspension/ dismissal.
  8. Any student ragging of any sort shall be liable for appropriate action.
  9. They have to handle the library books property and return it on time without any damage such as Tearing, cutting, making dirty, etc.
  10. Silence must be maintained in the study Hall and Library.
  11. They are expected to develop their keep interest in the extra – curricular activities by making participation in the competitions, sport, games etc. On the various occasions.
  12. Student feeling sick while on practical training in the wards must go for a medical check up in the concerned dept.
  13. Students must not be going for any medical check up in uniform.
  14. Any illness and medical check up must be informed in Principal’s office.
  15. Incase any student falling sick being at home, must bring the guardian’s letter & also a Medical Certificate.


  1. All the students should be punctual.
  2. Guardian of the students should inform the respective class coordinators, the day she is absent. The student should submit leave application duly signed by the Guardian/Hostel warden/ class coordinator, before rejoining their classes/clinical.
  3. During the partial block, if the students are absent for their theory classes in the afternoon, they will be marked absent for whole 1 day including clinical.
  4. All the students should be in their proper uniform. They should be neat & tidy and well groomed.
  5. Using of cell phones during College Hours/ Clinical is strictly prohibited. Their phone should always be on flight mode inside the College premises. (The phone will be seized if found using during the Classes/ Clinical and will be returned only after completion of the course.)
  6. 80% of attendance in Theory and 100% in Clinical are necessary to appear in the Council / University Examination, as per the norms.
  7. The students are not allowed to leave the college premises during college/ Clinical hours without permission.
  8. The students are to wear lab coats in laboratory during demonstration and Clinical.
  9. All the students should wear their ID card or their badge along with their uniform during College/ Clinical hours.
  10. All the students should be in proper clinical uniform, & well groomed.
  11. The students should not be a married or pregnant.


  1. All the students should be punctual and reach the hospital by 8 O’clock and 8:30 during Summer and Winter respectively, in the morning.
  2. All the students should be in proper clinical uniform, & well groomed. No Nail paints, Ear ring, Bangles are allowed during clinical.
  3. All students should carry their pocket articles individually.
  4. During absenteeism the concern clinical instructors should be informed by guardian or hostel warden.
  5. For one day absenteeism with prior information, students have to do make-up duty 1:1, and for absenteeism without information the students has to do 2 days i.e. 1:2 make up duty, during vacation, or after examination.
  6. All the students should have 100% attendance for clinical to appear in the exams as per the norms.
  7. No students are allowed to leave hospital during clinical hours, any students caught roaming around shall be punished by the college authority.
  8. No phones are allowed during clinical posting.
  9. No students are allowed to go out of their allotted wards and assist their family members/relatives in the hospital during clinical hours.
  10. During full clinical block the students can go for lunch at 1-2 pm.
  11. After 4 pm, no-students shall roam around the market place in their clinical uniforms.